Why I Ditched Clever for Clear in My Writing Business

Since 2017, I’ve been writing pretty great copy for a variety of small businesses and creative service providers. My background is actually in writing, unlike a lot of copywriters who come from a marketing background. This actually left me at a bit of a disadvantage starting out.

I love clever words. I believe that there is nothing quite as exhilarating as writing (or reading) an incredibly clever piece of content. It brings me real joy to see how a writer uses a play-on-words or allusion to craft something that not everyone is going to catch. I am a witty person myself, so I naturally was drawn to a clever writing style on my own blog and in my client work.

As I shifted from having the skill set of a writer to having the skill set of a masterful marketer, I noticed a few things. First of all, the content that you create for the general public to take in has to be clear and concise. The wordier, or more clever, the content, the less understandable it is. Now, I’ve never ever been one for fluff, but this made me realize that I could pare down what I was writing even more. As I started offering higher-quality content in fewer words, my client satisfaction rose, and so did their conversions!

I also focused way more on clarity as my business grew. If someone doesn’t understand exactly what you do or what you want them to do, they will simply go somewhere else. They won’t stick around until they fully understand what you are trying to sell them. So I started helping clients to get to the basics of their offer through branding exercises and elevator pitch prompts. This not only helps me to understand the core of their business, but it makes what they do that much easier to understand for their audience!

Occasionally, I will still get the opportunity to infuse a lot of life and personality into copy. I still have a passion for creative writing. But I also understand the benefit of being clear and concise in writing and I plan to continue writing in a clear, instead of clever, voice for my clients.



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